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3D imaging: the future of imaging today
3D technology is becoming increasingly well established in dental practices around the world. For more precise diagnoses and explanations of treatment, 3D X-rays offer a number of advantages. Whether for superimposed teeth, unexpected nerve canal paths, hidden roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, 3D images are of inestimable value for a large number of diagnoses.
The Orthophos SL 3D offers a great variety of options to match these needs: different volume sizes to choose from, HD/SD/Low Dose modes and a smart and intuitive Software to make the most out of the taken images and link directly into treatment.

2D panoramic imaging: Revolutionary technologies
Even though 3D X-rays are increasingly becoming established in a growing number of dental practices, in many cases 2D imaging still has a rightful place, to a great extent due to radiation hygiene. It is a core component of modern dental diagnostics. In terms of improvements in image quality, the options available in 2D technology are far from exhausted. The Orthophos SL has revolutionized 2D imaging with the introduction of the Direct Conversion Sensor, Sharp Layer technology and interactive SL. Experience panoramic images like never before.

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